How to write Abstract

By Harmony Eluwa Apr 26, 2021, 10:09:07 AM

The Abstract is like a summary of the entire research work. if someone picks up your research work and reads your abstract, the person is supposed to know the following about your research work immediately;

  1. The background to the problem the research is trying to solve or the problem domain
  2. The aim of the research i.e. the specific solution developed to solve a specific problem
  3. The methodology i.e. how you actually put your solution (software) together, you can also add how it works so as to arrive at the solution
  4. The Software Development Methodology used (e.g. Spiral, Waterfall, RAD e.t.c)
  5. The result you get after implementing the software.

Some Formats for writing Abstract as seen in some schools

Over time after writing final year computer science research for students in various schools across Nigeria, we have seen some patterns used by supervisors for writing abstracts. Combining these patterns, we have been able to come up with a list. Most supervisors would want your abstract in the following format:

  1. Background Statement including Statement of the Problem
  2. The Aim
  3. The Methodology (as seen in 3 above)
  4. Tools (the programming languages, Database, all the tools you use to develop your software)
  5. Results
  6. Conclusion

Having known what an abstract should contain and the format it should be written in, next we will consider sone examples so that you can actually see how the abstract is put together. Click here to see an example of How to Write an Abstract

As seen from students in Ignatius Ajuru University of Education

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